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Warriors Movie Voice Actors Empty Warriors Movie Voice Actors

Post  Ashpaw on Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:39 am

What would you like the voice acters to be for the Warrior characters? It doesn't have to just be just for Into The Wild. Don't be dissing on my choices (Mostly because their horrable and I chose them right off the spot)!

Bluestar - Rihanna
Firestar - Zac Efron
Sandstorm - Taylor Swift
Graystripe - Corbin Bleu
Silverstream - Jordin Sparks
Dustpelt - Jesse McCartney
Lionheart - Will Ferral (LOL)
Sol - Johnney Depp
Hollyleaf - Beyonce
Tigerstar - Jim Carrey
Ravenpaw - Cole Sprouse
Berrynose - Miley Cyrus (LOL)
Longtail - John Travolta
Tallstar - Chuck Norris (LOL)
Jayfeather - Orlando Bloom

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