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Dawnkit!!!!! Empty Dawnkit!!!!!

Post  ~Dawnkit~ on Thu May 20, 2010 6:02 pm

Its Skyfeather xD hiya!

Name: Dawnkit
Gender:she-kitteh =D
Animal (wolf, cat or Tiger):cat
Age: somewhere around two moons..
Pelt/fur: dark tabby with a white chest and paws
Personality: very bouncy and energetic,LOVES swimming and is really good at it.a total troublemaker. lazy enough to be clever and clever enough to be lazy..
Eyes: dark green
Markings: stripes? xD
Pack/Clan: Moonclan
Power: (optional. nothing like can rule the world. only ONE!) wind (hard to explain XD)

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Dawnkit!!!!! Empty Re: Dawnkit!!!!!

Post  Snowstar on Thu May 20, 2010 7:04 pm

approved! Very Happy
and yes about your power. You can think of it later

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